Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Where are your boots made?

  • Our boots are made in our small factory in Boulder, Colorado. 

Are you open for visitors?

  • Due to the small team and the fact that we are constantly under pressure, the unfortunate answer is "no," however, feel free to check out our local retailer just a few minutes away!
Canoe Club
777 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO

    How are you boots made?

    • Our boots are made using a stitch down (or stitch out) construction. Popular with Pacific Northwest logging boots, it is one of the oldest construction styles on the market today. 
    • Recently we added Blake Welted boots to our production. This is a very popular construction in Italy. Blake welting is done entirely on the inside of the shoe, making the stitching impossible to do by hand, but by a specialized stitching machine.

    Are you able to resole a pair of boots?

    • Yes, our boots are fully reconstructible. Resoles can be done multiple times. 

    What size would I be in your boots?

    • Our boots run very true to size. Please contact us with any sizing questions. 

    From where are your materials sourced?

    • Our leathers come from the U.S., Italy, and the U.K. Our other materials come from roughly the same areas. We always look to find the highest quality of materials globally, but try to stay local when the quality is comparable.

      Do you ship internationally?

      • Yes, we ship worldwide using DHL Worldwide Express.

      How do returns work? What if I order the wrong size?

      Are Truman boots and shoes sold in retail stores?

      • We have a growing list of retailers around the world that carry our products. Please visit our "Retailers" page to find the most up-to-date list of those that carry Truman.