About us/ Facts and Questions



Truman Boot Co. produces less then 2,000 boots annually. We do not ever plan on manufacturing hundreds of thousands of boots a year. It is not what we have set out to do. We aim to produce a boot that will be unique and worth wearing for years. Our boots are always built with the best materials possible so they may be enjoyed by the user. We believe we can achieve this by keeping things simple with our focus aimed at quality. Our small workshop is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Vince Romano started Truman Boot Co. in 2014 after traveling for five years in many different areas of the world. He realized that there is something unique to the skill and a heritage that runs deep in the American workforce. The driving force behind our company is to resist the “brain and labor drain” that plagues our nation. Romano began building this company with that in mind. Keeping that idea as the backbone of who we are as a company, the new American workforce.

  • Where are you boots made?
  • Our boots are made here in our small factory in Boulder Colorado. 
  • Are you open for visitors?
  • Yes! We are here Monday through Friday 8-4. Often times we are here longer and on weekends but you should call in advance if your plan to come outside these hours.
  • How are you boots made?
  • Ours boots are made using a stitch down (or stitch out) construction. Popular with Pacific Northestern logging boots, it's one of the oldest construction styles on the market today. 
  • Are you boots resoleable 
  • Yes, our boots are fully reconstructable. Resoles can be done multiple times. 
  • What size will I be in your boots?
  • Our boots run very true to size. They fit like a shoe and not a boot. And a true size is usually right between your average shoe and boot size. If you are in doubt please contact us as we've size thousands of people and will guarantee a correct fit or a rebuild. 
  • Where are you materials sourced.
  • All of our leathers are sourced from the US, Italy, France and the UK. All other materials are usually coming from the same group of countries but a higher number of our components are from the US. As always we seek out to find the highest quality materials globally, but we do our best to keep in local if the quality is comparable.
  • I have an idea for a boot but I don't see it on your site.
  • Please emails us! We have access to a huge amount of materials and leathers we don't offer on the site. While we can not always accommodate we do our best to try.
  • I don't live in the US, can you ship international?
  • Yes, We ship world wide for a flat rate of 68.00 USD
  • How do returns work? What if I order the wrong size?
  • As long as you checked with us on sizing we offer a rebuild in the same makeup. It get's kicked to the top of the list and usually takes 1-2 weeks to ship a replacement pair once the originals have been shipped back. 
  • How long does it take to receive an MTO boot? 
  • It can vary, our target is to get them out in 8 weeks but we go up to 13 weeks. There are occasions where it can take longer. If you are concerned about the wait it's best to get a pair of stock boots which ship out immediately.