Gaucho Kudu Smooth Out


Truman Boots are build in Boulder, Colorado using stitch-down construction, very distinctly with a double midsole stitch around the vamp (front portion of the boot). This is done by stitching the upper leather to the midsole, afterwords stitching the midsole to the outsole making it fully capable of resoling after the tread on the outsole has been worn. Here at Truman we are dedicated to offering our customers the finest leathers in the world. Of the hundreds of leathers that pass through our hands only a select few make it into production. This concept also stands for every component used during the construction of the boot. We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality material on the planet for our boots to be made with.



The Kudu is an antelope from Southern Africa, living wild in the bush. The antelope family have traditionally provided skins, which make unique leather. A striking combination of softness with strength.

C.F Stead Tannery in Leads, UK have used their "Janus" tannage which was designed to maximize the natural mellowness of calf skin and they combined it with a full wax impregnation, making a feature of the natural grain blemishes.  

Boots Pictured Are Built With:
Cap Toe
Tan Stitching
Pull Tab
Natural Tongue
7 Antique Brass Eyelets
Unstructured Toe
Dainite Sole