How are your boots constructed?

Truman boots are constructed using a method called stitchdown. Our style of stitchdown is different from the 360° stitchdown construction. The method we use is pretty specific to the way logging boots are built in the Pacific Northwest. We flare out the “vamp” – the front of the boot – and stitch it to the midsole a little more than 1/4 of the way back. The rest of the midsole is nailed into place. Then, a second stitch runs 3/4 of the way back to attach the outsole. Heels are nailed and glued.

Where are your boots manufactured?

All our boots are made right in Northeastern Pennsylvania. From start to finish, everything is done in-house. There are usually 4 of us in the shop (not including Border Collies). Our shop/factory is probably one of the smaller, if not smallest boot manufacturing company in the United States. We take pride in keeping up with the “big guys” while keeping it small and quality. It’s very true to who we are.

Your boots are made to order; what can I customize?

Since every pair is made to order, you can customize almost everything. So long as it doesn’t alter our pattern. Anything you want done that is not in the drop-down selection on the product page can be added to the “order nodes” on the checkout page. If there is a problem or we can’t do it, we’ll get in touch. Using soles we don’t offer as stock will cost extra, so please call or email us in advance!

How long 'til I receive my order?

All our boots are made to order, so there is never anything “in stock”. This being said, we try our best to get pairs out in a timely manner. Currently, wait times run 6-12 weeks. We appreciate ETA emails be kept to a minimum. If we’re answering emails, we aren’t building boots, increasing the wait time. Feel free to check in if we are running over the wait time or you need a pair by a certain date.