Weekly Wear In: Rocky Snuff Boots

October 25, 2016

Weekly Wear In: Rocky Snuff Boots

This Rocky Snuff Leather from CF Stead tannery starts off with a white wax coating. As you break in and wear your boots, the wax will settle into the leather, burnish, or scuff off.

At first you'll notice the hard wear points: where your pants rub against them or where the boot creases as you walk. As the break in period continues and the wax continues to wear off you'll see the lovely suede texture of the leather show through. Each pair of these boots will patina differently, making them truly unique to each wearer.


This pair of Rocky Snuff has been worn hard for about 3 months. As you can see, the toe and heel of the boot have aged drastically while other areas (such as the top of the vamp) have stayed almost the same. This is just one example of how unique they can look after only a few months of wear time. 

Mohawk, Cf Stead, Truman Boot Co