Q&A with Vince Romano

August 07, 2017

Q&A with Vince Romano

We sit down to get a feel for Vince on where he thinks Truman is heading, as well as drink advice, dog love, and shop talk. Here goes nothing.


Hey Vince, we know you make boots and love menswear. Starting off, what are some brands that you have found resonate strongly with you?

Brands like Vermilyea Pelle, Freenote, Grease Point are brands that I closely align myself with. These are guys who are killing it in the industry and not letting that get in the way of their visions. We're all stupidly passionate about keeping production here in the states.

Having just relocated to Boulder within the last 12 months, how does it compare to living in eastern Pennsylvania?

Oh god! Night and day difference. I have lived in many states and countries and Pennsylvania is easily my least favorite. There is a happening vibe here in Boulder and I very strongly think it is becoming the center of the universe.

Center of the Universe, baller. Built in Boulder. That's what you've started to adopt as a part of Truman Boot Company's identity. What does it mean personally to you to know you're building boots by hand, by us, as opposed to by someone else?

Made in the USA isn't specific enough. There are brands saying they are made in North America. Why not just say they are made on Earth? Built in Boulder brings it to a very localized level. I would say Built on Pearl Street if I could. 

It must be exciting to be living and working in such a beautiful place with a team of individuals possessing such impeccable style. With Denver just down the street, have you found the area to be lucrative for menswear in general?

Not when we arrived, honestly. I feel like we are bringing a lot of this to Boulder. There are a number of things beginning to happen in Boulder, some that we are involved in, that I think will greatly influence both men's and women's style here.


Personally, I find a huge plus of this area is the unique spots for food and drinks. Where do you find yourself most frequently?

Hahahahaha, I love Bitter Bar to almost an unnatural extent. You'll find myself and half of the crew down there pretty often. For coffee, Boxcar Coffee Roasters. For food, Pizzeria Locale is becoming a fast favorite!

Speaking of Bitter Bar, what's your drink of choice?

A Jack Rose! Grenadine, apple brandy, and lemon. Perfect.


So you've lived on the west coast before, correct? Can you talk more about that? 

Yeah, originally I had moved out to Oregon to work in the organic dairy industry. The economy at that time was terrible for dairy, and I ended up in their sheep industry. My dog, Truman, was working 12 hours a day with me - often 7 days a week. I can do this all day long but I require cleaning up to get a drink or drop in at some happening food place in town at the end of the day. Truman is very social and he clean up well with a good hosing down. I love that aspect of him, so the name Truman Boot Company kind of comes from that. I intended them to be awesome boots to work in all day and still be able to clean them up and take them with you to Paris or San Francisco for vacation.

Anything extra special coming up for Truman?

We are beginning to work with a company here in Boulder called Canoe Club which is a really killer shop with some great people running it. They're opening in March, and will actually be our exclusive retailer in Colorado. We are also working on some stuff catered to women, inspired by him for her. We'll continue to keep exciting stuff coming from Truman.


The language around the shop can be hard to decipher at times. Care to share some insight?

Yeah! We have people from several walks of life, from all over the country. They bring their own slangs to the table, and I love it! Most of the people visiting the shop have no idea what we're talking about because half is slang and the other half is boot lingo.

Last one for you, Vince. You have an opportunity to bring anyone you want into the shop for a day. Who is it?

Having someone who supports me entirely even when I'm a little hyphy about the business and ideas. Someone who helps keep my energy vibing right and keeps me going forward in life. This is someone I want in the shop with me.